Add Intellifonts to the ArcView font palette


ArcView uses the Intellifonts from the Agfa division of Miles, Inc. Intellifonts provide high quality character patterns and font metrics in various imaging formats using on-demand font scaling and bit map generation. Agfa uses the Font Access and Interchange format (FAIS) for its Intellifont products.


Any FAIS format font can be loaded into ArcView by following the steps described in this document.

Requires DOS diskette containing the FAIS format font, IBM compatible PC, Intellifont font loading software and UNIX ArcInfo

Extracting and reformatting of fonts from a FAIS is done with Intellifonts LOADER program that is included in the $ARCHOME/fonts/loader directory.

The program CHGLIB, provided in the same directory, is used to change the byte order of the font file for non-byte swapped systems such as the SUN, HP, and IBM RS-6000.

  1. Obtain the desired FAIS font diskette from Agfa. Make a copy of the original diskette. Insert the copy diskette into your PC.
  2. Establish a communications link between your PC and your host ARC/INFO system.
  3. Using FTP (binary), transfer the loader.exe and changer.exe programs from the $ARCHOME/fonts/loader directory to your PC.
  4. Obtain the Intellifont typeface and numbers for the typefaces used.
  5. Execute the loader.exe program to build the font library.
    The usage of the loader.exe is as follows:
    LOADER <library> <font_number> <complement number>
    <alternate drive>
  6. Execute the chglib.exe program for byte-swap compatibility.
  7. Transfer this font library to the ArcView /fonts directory.
  8. Edit the arcview/etc/fonts.ndx file appropriately.

    Refer to the ArcInfo Workstation Help ArcDoc for a more detailed description of this procedure. The ArcInfo Extended ArcInfo Font Library package from Agfa that includes additional Intellipoint fonts is not officially supported in ArcView.

    These are MS DOS programs that must be transferred and run on a PC. The font library is actually built on a PC and then tranferred to your UNIX ArcView system.

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