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How is the specification of candidates returned from a geocode service?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When searching for addresses with a geocode service, the number of address candidates that are returned from the server can be configured by the settings in the geolocator service parameters. These address candidates are then sorted as described below.

• If the geocode service is set to return one candidate, then the candidate returned should be the best candidate.

• If the geocode service is set to return many candidates, then the returns should be sorted by locator and from the best candidate to the worst candidate.

• If there is a composite locator with three locators and nine matches are requested, then three sets of candidates are returned, sorted first by locator and then by score. If there are two locators, where "Locator A" returns two candidates and "Locator B" returns four candidates, then the candidates returned are two and four.

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