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How is the ArcPad GPS Position Window populated from NMEA 0183 sentences?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Most GPS receivers output a limited number of NMEA 0183 sentences. ArcPad uses data from a number of NMEA 0183 sentences to display all of the information in the GPS Position Window, as well as to populate the fields associated with the GPS Tracklog. The ArcPad GPS Position Windows and NMEA 0183 sentences tie each element of the GPS Position Window to a specific sentence.

The information displayed in the GPS Position Window is required to allow GPS receivers to be tuned to select the sentences that are required and no others. Because NMEA 0183 is a stream of text strings, it is important that the minimum amount required to populate ArcPad is streamed.

ArcPad recognizes the following NMEA 0183 version 2.0 or higher sentences:

Sentence - Title Description

$GPGGA - GPS fix data
$GPGLL - Geographic position, latitude and longitude
$GPGSA - GPS Dilution of Precision (DOP) and active satellites
$GPGSV - GPS satellites in view
$GPRMC - Recommend minimum specific GPS/TRANSIT data
$GPRRE - Range residual error
$GPVTG - Track made good and ground speed
$GPZDA - Time and date
$PGRME - Estimated error information (Garmin Proprietary)
$PGRMT - Sensor Information (Garmin Proprietary)
$PMGNVER - GPS hardware and software version numbers (Magellan Proprietary)
$PASHR,POS - Position information (Ashtech Proprietary)
$PASHR,SAT - GPS satellite tracking status information (Ashtech Proprietary)
$PRWIRID - Version Information (Rockwell Proprietary)
$PRWIZCH - Channel Status (Rockwell Proprietary)
$SDDPT - Depth in meters
$SDMTW - Water Temperature in degrees Celsius

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