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How is ArcPad used with a versioned geodatabase?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Feature classes with related tables in a geodatabase can be checked out as an AXF file to use in ArcPad 7.1. Edits in AXFs can be checked in using ArcPad desktop tools. All updates may or may not be pushed back to versioned geodatabases depending on scenarios. However, from a data management point of view and to maintain data integrity, below are some suggestions for checking out data from versioned geodatabases for field editing.

1. Never check out data directly from 'Default' version; always create a field editing version (for example: 'Field') and check out data from it. This allows the administrator to verify all field edits before applying them back to the DEFAULT.

[DEFAULT]--->[FIELD]---> ArcPad Check Out

2. If there are multiple users editing the same data source, create one version for each user. This allows for conflict detection between field users, as well as verifying all field edits before applying them back to the DEFAULT.

                   |-->[FIELD1]->ArcPad Check Out
|-->[FIELD2]->ArcPad Check Out

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