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How does ArcGIS Monitor manage concurrent requests?

Last Published: September 14, 2023


ArcGIS Monitor is designed to passively query its targets and all parallelism is controlled to prevent high volume requests to the target being monitored. It would never be the case that more than four HTTP counter type requests would fire at the same time.

Below are the parallelism rules used by ArcGIS monitor for each counter type. These rules cannot be edited.

  • "limitAmazon" : 8,
  • "limitSystem" : 8,
  • "limitProcess" : 4,
  • "limitExt" : 4,
  • "limitTerminal" : 4,
  • "limitArcgis" : 4,
  • "limitDatabase" : 4,
  • "limitHttp" : 4,
  • "limitPortal" : 4

If ArcGIS Monitor is configured to monitor 20 HTTP URLs, only four HTTP requests are sent in parallel until all 20 requests haveĀ been sent. This design prevents sending all 20 concurrent requests to a sever, thereby minimizing the impact on the CPU and other resources at a given time. For ArcGIS and Portal counter types, these parallelism rules also apply at the site level.

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