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How do I use the geoprocessing versioning tools in a generic model?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Most of the geoprocessing versioning tools require an input ArcSDE workspace. To create a generic model using any of these tools an empty Workspace variable needs to be created to represent the input workspace for the versioning tool.
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However, when a workspace variable is created in ModelBuilder and an attempt is made to connect it to a versioning tool, the tool does not accept the input because the workspace type is not a Remote/SDE geodatabase.
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The default type for the empty workspace variable is Local/Access geodatabase. However, the versioning tool input workspace parameter has a workspace domain that filters only Remote/SDE workspaces.

Therefore when the empty workspace variable is created, it must be populated with a valid ArcSDE geodatabase first, and then connected to the Create Version tool. Now the path in the workspace variable can be deleted and the connection to the versioning tool is still maintained since the type is now set for Remote/SDE workspaces and no longer the default Local/Access geodatabases.

This is the best methodology if there is intent to use the output from the Create Version tool as the input for another tool exists; for example, the Reconcile Version tool. If, however, users do not intend to connect the tool to another a variable from the input workspace parameter of the tool can also be made by right-clicking the tool and selecting Make Variable > From Parameter > Input Workspace on from the context menu.
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This creates an empty variable that automatically connects to the tool.
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