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How do I keep track of all of the user accounts specific to the ArcIMS Metadata Server?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Keeping track of the user accounts for an ArcIMS metadata service involves administration in two separate areas for two specific user groups. One area is the ArcIMS connection to an ArcSDE database, the other area is the ArcCatalog connection to the ArcIMS server.

The ArcIMS connection to the ArcSDE database is specified in the metadata service configuration file. Within this file there are several elements that define the connection to the ArcSDE data server. Primary user name and password connection information is specified in the <SDEWORKSPACE/> element. However, there are several other elements that define what the Metadata virtual server does to the database once a connection is made with this account. For example, the <METADATA_CONFIG/> and <TABLE_NAME/> elements define parameters that will be used to create, access and modify the metadata table within the ArcSDE database. See the ArcXML Programmer's Reference for more information about these and other Metadata configuration elements. It is important to be familiar with the requirements for the connection account when defining the account in the ArcSDE database administrator console.

It is recommended to create a new, unique user name and password for the ArcIMS Metadata services to use. See Appendix B of the "Creating and Using Metadata Services" document for more information about ArcSDE considerations.

For the ArcCatalog connection to the ArcIMS server, the user account information is defined exclusively within the file-based authentication parameters for the ArcIMS Servlet Connector. Most commonly, the account definition file is called aimsacl.xml. This file name is different if you have configured the ArcIMS Servlet Connector to use a different file name for authentication within the esrimap_prop file. The <USER/> elements defined within this XML file define which users can connect to the ArcIMS server. In addition, the file is used to define roles for the user accounts for authoring, publishing, browsing and administering the ArcIMS metadata service and all map services used with it. For more information, consult the "Creating and Using Metadata Services" document. Specifically, note the section entitled "Creating User Names and Passwords" in Chapter 3.

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