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How can I ensure the best performance of StreetMap?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


StreetMap uses a highly efficient Smart Data Compression (SDC) format; however, mobile devices have a limited amount of free memory. Memory consumption is directly related to the amount of data extracted and loaded in ArcPad. If the available RAM allotted for execution drops below 3 MB, StreetMap may not be able to generate routes. Map display and geocoding functionality will still be available.

Following these tips will ensure the best performance of StreetMap:

1. Limit the size of the dataset to the area of interest.

2. Avoid opening and closing StreetMap layers during one ArcPad session. When a new .smd layer is opened, the old layer is unloaded from memory, and the new one is loaded to memory. Since the operating system gradually reclaims unused memory, it is more efficient to simply quit ArcPad and start it again, allowing the operating system to quickly recycle unused RAM.

3. To maximize performance, extract areas of a rectangle or other simple shape rather than complex polygons.

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