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How can I determine how an address was matched?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Geocoded feature classes contain a field called Status, which includes a code to indicate the status of the address. The status codes that are used by ESRI geocoding services are “M” for matched, “U” for unmatched, and “T” for addresses that have two or more candidates with the best candidate score.

No additional information on how the addresses were matched is available; for example, if an address was matched using the automatic geocoding process, or if the address was matched during the interactive review process. If you want to keep track of how the addresses in your geocoded feature class are matched, you can store your geocoded feature class in an ArcSDE database, and version the geocoded feature class. You can then create a new version in the ArcSDE database for each rematch operation that you perform.

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