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Glossary of terms of ArcIMS virtual server statistics

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The ArcIMS Application Server tracks statistics on a virtual server basis. These statistics are available through ArcIMS Administrator or through the command line tool STATS option. The following is an explanation of the statistics kept in AppServer:

Current # of users

The number of instances in a virtual server currently being used. It is computed by subtracting the count of idle instances from the count of registered instances in a virtual server.

Current response time

The current average response time. In ArcIMS Administrator, response time is measured in seconds. From the command line administrative tool, it is measured in milliseconds.

Minimum time-request
Maximum time/request
Average time/request

Minimum, Maximum and Average time/requests compute times based on successful requests from the time the Application Server started. They are measured in milliseconds and include non-user initiated requests, such as the adding of a service from the ArcIMSSite.sez file upon start up.

Number Xs Srvr Invk

The number of times the virtual server successfully sent responses to the AppServer.

Idle registered Srvr

The number of virtual server instances ready to handle a request. A value of zero indicates that all virtual server instances are in use.

Clients waiting-Srvr

The number of requests kept in waiting by the AppServer for a virtual server since the start of AppServer.


The count of timeouts since the AppServer started.

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