General protection fault in module rev3d.drv

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround

Why do I get this message when I start ArcView?

arcview caused a general protection fault in module rev3d.drv at

etc, etc...


Incompatibility between ArcView and Number Nine video adaptors.


Windows 95/98:

Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel and double click on the Display icon. Look at the setting for the Color Pallete. It is probably set to 256 colors. Change the color pallete from 256 colors to 16 bit High color. Close out the Display panel and double click on the System icon. In the System panel, click on the Performance tab, then the Graphics button. Set the Hardware Acceleration slider to one notch above None. If this fixes the problem, you can try moving the Hardware acceleration slider up one notch at a time for better performance.

Windows NT:

Windows NT does not have a Hardware Acceleration slider as does Windows 95/98, nor any analogous control. It does have a Performance Boost slider in the Settings tab of the System Panel, but this affects the CPU performance, which is a separate issue not related to this one. However you can change the color palette the same as in Windows 95/98. If the pallete is set to 256, change it to 16 bit High Color.


The specific solution may vary depending upon the card model and driver version. If the above suggestions do not solve the problem, try other combinations of color settings and hardware acceleration. If no combinations of color settings and hardware acceleration solve the problem, check the manufacturers web site for updated drivers. If no updated drivers are available the only remaining option is to get a new video card (from a different manufacturer) or only run ArcView in Safe Mode.

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