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Last Published: April 25, 2020


The Remote ArcIMS Manager instructions in the ArcIMS Installation Guide instruct "The formFilePath must be changed to be relative to the ArcIMS Application Server computer." Does my Application Server need to reference my web server?


Error in ArcIMS 3.0 Installation Guide.

Solution or Workaround

This information has been updated to read:

If you create a web site using HTML Viewer and your map fails to display in the Viewer with a “Retrieving Data”message, you need to change the formFilePath variable located in the ArcIMSparams.js file. The formFilePath variable is used to locate header.htm and footer.htm for the ArcIMS Servlet Connector, which in turn creates the proper response form in PostFrame.

In the form, the file location of header.htm and footer.htm files are passed as values. The web server computer must be able to understand and resolve the formFilePath and access the file locations. For example, if you have a distributed system, any mounted drives used in these pathnames must be accessible from the web server.

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