FNP Service was not successfully installed on this system

Last Published: February 24, 2021

Error Message

When installing ArcGIS License Manager 2019.0 through 2020.0 on 64-bit Linux operating systems, the following error may be returned:

“FNP Service was not successfully installed on this system.”


This error is displayed because there was an error installing the FlexNet licensing service on the system. This could be due to one of two issues:

  • Installation of the FlexNet licensing service requires root permissions.  The setup prompts for the credentials of a sudo privileged user for this installation. If the supplied credentials are incorrect, or this step is manually skipped, the above error is displayed.
  • Installation of the FlexNet licensing service requires that the 32-bit FUSE library is installed on Linux 64-bit systems. On RedHat systems, this package is named fuse-libs.i686, and on SUSE it is named libfuse2-32bit. Ensure this package is installed with the appropriate OS package manager.

Solution or Workaround

Once you have received the error above and ensured the installation of the correct 32bit FUSE library for the system, a manual installation of the FlexNet Licensing Service is then required:

  1. Navigate to: /arcgis/licensemanager/licensingservice
  2. Run the shell script with root permissions.

The FlexNet licensing service daemon must run continuously. Therefore, a final installation step is required to ensure it is started at boot time. 
Because the FlexNet licensing service daemon does not need to run with root privilege, it can be started by adding the following line to a nominated user's crontab:

 @reboot /usr/local/share/FNP/service/11.16.5/FNPLicensingService -r 2>&1 >/tmp/fnpd.log

For prior versions of ArcGIS License Manager, the path is:

  • 2019.2: /usr/local/share/FNP/service/11.16.2/FNPLicensingService
  • 2019.1: /usr/local/share/FNP/service/11.16.2/FNPLicensingService
  • 2019.0: /usr/local/share/FNP/service/11.16.2/FNPLicensingService
If the FNP Service Failed message is displayed while installing ArcGIS License Manager 2020.1 and newer, refer to the ArcGIS License Manager system requirements.
On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 systems, a directory named “var/run/FNP” is required.  However,  RHEL 7 systems delete this folder during a reboot of the system.  The folder must be re-created manually with 777 permissions every time the system boots and before the FNPLicensingService daemon is started.

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