Flood Planning levee volume calculation decreases when it should increase

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When adjusting the dimensions of a levee in the Flood Planning map, the volume of required materials and the associated cost appear to decrease when the height of the levee is increased.


The levee volume calculation is performed by the Attribute Assistant using an expression stored in the Dynamic Value table. The expression provided with the 10.1 and 10.1 SP1 releases of the Flood Planning map contains an error.

This error has been corrected at the 10.2 release.


Correcting the expression in the Dynamic Value table corrects the calculation.

  1. Open the Dynamic Value table from the Table of Contents window in the Flood Planning map.
  2. Start an editing session.
  3. Locate the record in the Dynamic Value table with these values:
    • Table Name: Levee
    • Field Name: CUBYRD
    • Value Method: EXPRESSION
  4. Replace the expression in the Value Info field with:


    This expression assumes the input measurements are feet and the output volume is cubic yards. To use other units, adjust the conversion factor accordingly.

  5. Save the edit and stop the editing session.
  6. Use the button on the Attribute Assistant toolbar to disable and re-enable the Attribute Assistant, and begin using the updated rule.

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