Fix a mixed workspace containing both pre-7 and 7 style coverage files

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When a pre-7 version of ArcInfo is run in a version 7 workspace, the workspace may be corrupted. A workspace corrupted in this manner is often called a mixed workspace because it has both pre-7 and 7 style coverages.

ArcInfo 7.0 and later versions will only recognize pre-7 style coverages in a mixed workspace. It will not see any existing 7 style workspaces. Earlier Workstation ArcInfo versions can only recognize pre-7 coverages in a mixed workspace.


Follow this procedure to convert a mixed workspace to an uncorrupted 7 style workspace:

  1. Become familiar with the file structure of ArcInfo pre-7 workspace and 7 style workspaces: refer to ArcDoc > ArcInfo concepts > The ArcInfo workspace > What is an arc/info workspace. Take special note of the differences in the last two diagrams called "An ARC/INFO pre-Version 7 workspace named Banff:" and "And an ARC/INFO Version 7 and later workspace named Banff:" Also review the command documentation for the ARC CONVERTWORKSPACE and CREATEAWORKSPACE commands.

    Use your file manager to check if the ArcInfo workspace is a corrupt, mixed workspace. The info directory in a mixed workspace will have both arc.dir and arcdr9 files.

  2. Make sure a file named no8.3 doesn't exist in the sysgen directory in the ArcInfo Workstation install directory. Use the file manager to delete or rename the no8.3 file if it exists.

    Show me:
    The environmental variable ARCHOME contains the pathname to the ArcInfo install directory.

    On Microsoft platform do this.

    Arc: &sys dir %ARCHOME%\sysgen

    On a Unix based platform do this.

    Arc: &sys ls $ARCHOME/sysgen

  3. Assuming the full path to the mixed ArcInfo Workspace is D:\all_projects\wellprj, create a new workspace: D:\all_projects\wellprjgood.

    Wellprjgood will become an uncorrupted workspace containing a 7 style version of each coverage in the wellprj mixed workspace.

    Arc: workspace D:\all_projects
    Arc: createworkspce wellprjgood

  4. Copy the wellprj directory to D:\all_projects, using the file manager. Rename it wellprjmixed. In Step 6 you will modify wellprjmixed to enable the ARC LISTCOVERAGE and COPY commands to recognize its pre-7 style coverages.
  5. List the 7 style coverages in the wellprj directory, using ARC LISTCOVERAGE. Copy the listed coverages to the wellprjgood workspace using ARC COPY.

    Arc: w D:\all_projects\wellprj
    Arc: listcoverages

    Available Coverages

    Arc: copy well01a d:\all_prjects\wellprjgood\well01a
    Arc: copy well01b d:\all_prjects\wellprjgood\well01b
    Arc: copy well01c d:\all_prjects\wellprjgood\well01c

  6. Rename the file 'arc.dir' in D:\all_prjects\wellprjmixed\info to 'badarc.dir', using the file manager.
  7. List all the pre-7 coverages in wellprjmixed, using ARC LISTCOVERAGES. Copy each listed coverage to the wellprjgood workspace using ARC COPY.

    Arc: workspace D:\all_projects\wellpre70
    Arc: listcoverages

    Available Coverages
    WELL95A WELL99A WELL95B ...

    Arc: copy well95a d:\all_prjects\wellprjgood\well095a
    Arc: copy well99a d:\all_prjects\wellprjgood\well99a
    Arc: copy well99b d:\all_prjects\wellprjgood\well99b

  8. When the wellprj coverages have been successfully copied to wellprjgood, delete the wellprj and wellprjmixed workspaces, using the file manager.

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