Find the paths of source data when the mosaic dataset has many rows

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When the mosaic dataset contains many rows (unique paths > 100), the mosaic dataset repair dialog box will not be able to show all the paths.

The way to find the path is to list paths of a selected subset of mosaic dataset items only.

Instructions provided describe how to find the paths of source data when the mosaic dataset has many rows.


If the Repair Mosaic Dataset dialog box does not display the path being searched, use the 'Repair Selected Items only' option of the repair dialog box; it is possible to limit the search of source data path to the selected mosaic dataset rows.

  1. Use the selection tool to select only a subset of the mosaic dataset.
  2. Right-click on the mosaic layer. Select Data > Repair Mosaic Dataset...

    In the Repair dialog box, check on the 'Repair Selected Items only' option.

    Increase the path depth until the dialog box shows the expected path.
  3. If the selected rows still contain over 100 unique paths, try again with a smaller selection set.

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