fillcatalogue : info file CATD does not exist" message when running ARCS57 command

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

Converting a coverage using the ARCS57 command returns the following error:

"fillcatalogue: info file CATD does not exist"


There is no CATD file in INFO directory.

Solution or Workaround

The S57ARC/ARCS57 commands are designed to be used together due to the complexity of the S57 format and numerous associated files. The ARCS57 command can still be used by itself with a native Arc/Info coverage (one not created from S57ARC), but the associated files must be properly re-created by the user. The S57 specifications should be referenced to meet the standards set by the International Hydrographic Organization.

The error message:

"fillcatalogue : info file CATD does not exist"

refers to an INFO file called CATD, created during the S57ARC conversion. To be specific, the INFO file CATD is created from information provided in the S57 catalog file.

The INFO file CATD contains reference information about the S57 data taken from the catalog file, mentioned above, during the S57ARC conversion. The ARCS57 command errors when looking for this reference information contained within the CATD file and can not find it. This CATD is a required INFO file when using the ARCS57 command. The CATD file can be re-created from scratch, as any other INFO file, or you can copy in a sample set of S57 data and use the CATD as a template. However, the information provided within the CATD must still be correct and properly entered.

The CATD file must contain the following items and definitions:

Arc: items catd

1 RCNM 2 2 C - -
3 RCID 10 10 C - -
13 FILE 70 70 C - -
83 LFIL 70 70 C - -
153 VOLM 70 70 C - -
223 IMPL 3 3 C - -
226 SLAT 4 12 F 5 -
230 WLON 4 12 F 5 -
234 NLAT 4 12 F 5 -
238 ELON 4 12 F 5 -
242 CRCS 70 70 C - -
312 COMT 70 70 C - -

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