FGDC metadata created with GPT 9.3 and classified as 'Downloadable Data' shows up as an 'unknown' content type in search results

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When the online form is used to create Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) metadata in GPT 9.3 and the resource description in the Distribution section is set to 'Downloadable Data', the metadata shows up as an 'unknown' content type, an icon with a question mark next to it, when it appears in the search results.


There is a misspelling in the XML file that maps a user's input to the raw metadata XML that the GPT generates. The GPT is programmed to recognize the correct spelling.


Access to the Portal Web application files is necessary to make this fix. The steps below describe how to correct the spelling that determines the resource description in the GPT's FGDC metadata editor.

  1. Stop the GPT9 Web application in Tomcat Manager or stop the Tomcat service altogether.
  2. Go to the <TOMCAT>\webapps\GPT9\WEB-INF\classes\gpt\metadata folder, and open the fgdc-bestpractice-definition.xml file in a text or XML editor.
  3. In that file, search for the word 'Downloadble'. Make sure it is spelled as shown here, with the spelling error. It should appear in the '<!-- Resource Description resdesc -->' section, in the '<codes>' tag.
  4. Replace this with the word 'Downloadable'.
  5. Save the file, and restart the GPT9 application in Tomcat Manager or restart the Tomcat service altogether.
  6. Update any FGDC metadata documents that were previously created with the GPT that have a Downloadable Data content type. Do this by logging into the GPT as an administrator, clicking the Administration tab, and selecting the records to update by clicking the active icon showing a pencil next to the record. When the edit metadata online form reloads, reselect 'Downloadable Data' from the 'Resource Description' field in the Distribution section and submit the form to republish the record.

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