FATAL ERROR, misoriented segment (WRTSEG)

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

This error occurs when running BUILD, CLEAN, INTERSECT, MAPJOIN, BUFFER, or other ArcInfo Workstation commands which affect coverage topology, on a coverage being accessed over a network:

Misoriented segment (WRTSEG)
Bailing out of OVRSEG


If the data and the ArcInfo installation are in different locations on the network, segments can be written out of order and timing errors can occur.

Solution or Workaround

The best solution is to copy the coverage to the local hard drive, using the ArcInfo COPY command, or using ArcCatalog, before performing these operations. If this is not possible, the steps outlined below may resolve this error.
  • Set the ARCTMPDIR variable to a temp directory on the drive where
    ArcInfo is installed.
    [O-Image] System Properties: Set Variable
  • Set the ARCMEMSIZE variable. This will improve performance if you have sufficient resources. See ArcDOC for information on how to set this variable.
  • Set or increase paging file size (Virtual Memory) on the drive where ArcInfo is installed. For best performance, set Initial and Maximum sizes to the same value.
    [O-Image] System Properties: Set Paging File Size

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