Fatal Error Cannot rename Arc file

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

The ArcEdit command 'save' returns one of the following error messages:

"Fatal error
Cannot rename Arc file
Bailing out of Arcedit

error in aedriver.aml"


"Fatal error
Cannot rename LAB file
Bailing out of Arcedit

error in aedriver.aml"

These error messages can also be returned by EditTools if concurrent access to the Workspace occurs.


Another process is active in the ArcInfo workspace where the edit coverage is located.

The ArcInfo Workspace is a single-process directory, and no other process can be running in the directory during an ArcEdit session.

A concurrent process running in the Workspace during the ArcEdit session will result in corruption of the coverage, or the entire Workspace!

The following are some of the possible active processes running in the workspace:

· Another ArcInfo Workstation session
· An ArcView 3.x session
· An ArcMap session
· An ArcCatalog session
· Virus scanning software
· A Windows Explorer session

Solution or Workaround

Identify and terminate the other process running in the Workspace.

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