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Why is there a symbology size disparity in the layout view in ArcGIS Pro compared to the printout?

Last Published: January 31, 2024


When printing a layout in ArcGIS Pro, sometimes the sizes of the symbols appear differently in the printed output compared to the size displayed on the screen. This behavior is due to the variations in screen resolution and printer settings. For example, when the layout is zoomed in, the screen resolution may be high, which causes the symbols to appear larger compared to the printout. Furthermore, the printer settings may be set to a different paper size, causing the disparity in symbol sizes. If the paper size is smaller, the output symbols appear smaller as well.

As a workaround, manually set the symbol to the desired size before printing.

  1. In the Contents pane of the layout view in ArcGIS Pro, right-click the desired feature layer and click Symbology.
  2. In the Symbology pane, click the Vary symbology by attribute tab The Vary symbology by attribute icon..
  3. Expand the Size node.
  4. Click the Field drop-down menu and select a field to symbolize.
  5. Check the Enable size range check box.
  6. Set the desired range of sizes in the Minimum and Maximum parameters.

Article ID:000031795

  • ArcGIS Pro 3 1
  • ArcGIS Pro 3 0
  • ArcGIS Pro 3 2

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