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Why does the ArcGISIndexingServer.exe use a high amount of computer memory?

Last Published: January 13, 2022


The ArcGISIndexingServer.exe updates ArcGIS Pro maps and layouts in projects to improve ability to search. This process consumes memory according to the size of the project and the amount of data that must be indexed.

Indexing can be turned off or deleted if the search process is rarely done or if the user knows the location of the item.

To delete the index, use the following steps:

  1. Click the Project tab > Options.
Selecting Options from the Project tab
  1. Click Indexing.
The Indexing tab.
  1. Delete or turn off indexing using one of the following steps below:
    • To delete the index, click Delete Index > OK.
Clicking the Delete Index button in the Indexing tab
  • To turn off indexing, click Don't create index > OK.
Checking the Don't create index radio button in the Indexing tab

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