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Why do third-party Oracle Spatial feature classes draw at full extent but sometimes fail when zoomed or panned?


When this occurs, check for the following:

· Does the table have a spatial index? Spatial queries require a spatial index, and spatial queries are needed for panning and zooming.

· Is the spatial index an R-tree index? The R-tree spatial index should only be used for the first two dimensions(X and Y).Three or four dimensional R-tree indexes do not consistently return all candidate features.

· Does the table contain unsupported geometry types? If so, they will not be drawn by ArcGIS.

· Has the table been correctly registered with a valid row_id column?

· The Oracle Spatial index relies on correct information in the USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA view to produce a valid Oracle Spatial index for the data. If for any reason the dimension (X, Y, Z or M) information in this view is incorrect, the index may be invalid.

For further details on the Oracle Spatial index please see the Oracle Spatial User Guide and Reference for the appropriate release.

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