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Which SDO_GEOMETRY feature types are supported by ArcSDE?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Simple Features

ArcSDE reads and writes the simple feature types provided by Oracle Spatial or Oracle Locator, that are OGIS compliant. This includes simple points, lines and polygons, contained in SDO_GEOMETRY features using the following Oracle Spatial GTYPE’s:

nn01 = POINTS (i.e 2001, 3001, 4001, 4301, 4401)
nn03 = POLYGON

Heterogeneous Collections

At this time, ArcSDE does not support Oracle Spatial COLLECTIONS (GTYPE = nn04).

Optimized Rectangles and Circles

ArcSDE reads Oracle Spatial optimized rectangles stored in the SDO_GEOMETRY data type but does not create them when editing or adding features. If an optimized rectangle is edited or moved by an ArcSDE client, ArcSDE writes the resulting feature to the SDO_GEOMETRY as a standard polygon.

ArcSDE cannot read Oracle Spatial optimized circles. If an Oracle Spatial optimized circle is read, ArcSDE returns a polygon does not close properly (-150) error.

ETYPE-0 features

ArcSDE ignores any SDO_ETYPE 0 elements of a geometry stored in Oracle Spatial tables. It does not pass these application-specific elements to applications that use ArcSDE for data storage. Furthermore, ArcSDE does not encode any geometry using SDO_ETYPE 0 elements.

When ArcSDE is used to update SDO_GEOMETRY objects containing SDO_ETYPE 0 elements, SDO_ETYPE 0 elements of the features are not preserved. In situations where SDO_ETYPE 0 data must be preserved, make sure that users do not have UPDATE access to any tables that contain these elements.

For further details on SDO_GEOMETRY features, see the Oracle Spatial User Guide and Reference for the appropriate release.

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