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Where is the ArcGIS Pro custom keyboard shortcut file stored on a Windows machine?

Last Published: January 31, 2024


ArcGIS Pro version 3.2 provides the functionality to create a custom keyboard shortcut. Creating custom keyboard shortcuts simplifies user interface commands by combining keystrokes on a keyboard. For more information on ArcGIS Pro keyboard shortcut utilization, refer to ArcGIS Pro: Use keyboard shortcuts.

On a Windows machine, the ArcGIS Pro custom keyboard shortcut is saved in a .daml file in the AppData local folder. Data, user profiles, and app settings unique to a single Windows machine are stored in the AppData local folder, which is hidden by default. A custom keyboard shortcut is stored in the .daml file in the AppData local folder, as it is an app setting particular to a single ArcGIS Pro user on one Windows system.

As the custom keyboard shortcut is specific to a single Windows system, there may be circumstances where it is necessary to share the file with another Windows system. Copying the file to another machine is useful in ensuring a standardized process and efficiency across a team.

To access the .daml file, copy the file path below and paste it into the Windows taskbar search box. Replace <userID> with the Windows user ID.

Esri does not recommend deleting or moving the .daml file as it can be corrupted.

The image below shows the .daml file in the AppData local folder.

The .daml file in the AppData local folder.

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