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Where in ArcMap can I use the text formatting tags added for ArcGIS 8.2?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


With a few exceptions, you can use text formatting tags anywhere in ArcMap where you can specify a text string and a text symbol. The text string can be either typed in by you, or derived from tabular data.

Where text formatting tags are supported:

· Map annotation
· Geodatabase annotation - in field(s)
· Geodatabase annotation - in expressions
· Labels - in field(s)
· Labels - in expressions
· Legend titles
· Legend layer names
· Legend headings
· Legend labels
· Legend descriptions
· ArcMap Main Menu > Insert > Title
· ArcMap Main Menu > Insert > Text
· Scale Bars - units label
· Scale Text - unit labels
· Graphic Text - Simple text and Callout text

Where text formatting tags are supported, but only after converting to graphics and ungrouping down to the level of individual dumb text elements:

· Scale Bars - all other text
· Grid labels
· Graticule labels

Where text formatting tags are not supported (exceptions to above cases):

· Table window
· Table of Contents - all text
· Graphs - all text
· Reports - all text

Where formatting tags may be supported depending on what ArcGIS version is being used (possible exceptions to the above cases):

Formatting tags are supported for the following in ArcGIS version 8.3 and layer, but not in ArcGIS version 8.2 and earlier:
· Graphic Text - text created with the splined text tool
· Annotation - Geodatabase annotation projected on the fly.

Where text formatting tags are not supported:

· Table inserted into layout
· North Arrow
· Scale Text - all other text
· File > Map properties > Title

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