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What testing resources are available to analysts?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


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Proxy Server Testing
Support services maintains an always-on ISA proxy that provides single-sign-on, pass-through authentication for users on the AVWORLD domain.

Hostname: Common Port: 8080
*See Proxy Server Testing for more resources.

Testing Citrix Issues
Citrix Servers for Testing

Holistic Testing Schedules
Holistic Calendar

Download Jing
Jing is a great tool for capturing screenshots and videos.

Download Fiddler2 Fiddler is indispensable for debugging HTTP traffic and can be used with ArcCatalog, ArcMap, and others for figuring out problems connecting to services.

Latency Extension for Fiddler
Simulate slow links with {LINKTEXT=Fiddler Delayed Responses Extension;URL=

Simulate Network Latency
Simulate Slow WAN with TMnetsim

Riva FLV Encoder
Download Riva FLV Encoder
A freeware software that encodes .avi and other video formats to .flv.

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