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What Support Resources are available to analysts?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


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Software Request Forms

This area contains all supported products. Most analysts stop here often.

Similar to the released set at \metro\released, except these are the daily builds that have not yet made it into the next SP or release.

This area contains the series of daily builds. This area is rarely used by Support but may be called upon to track down the version in which a bug occurred within a series of builds. Use the NonDevSetup folders in this area. These are compiled setup builds intended for non-dev use. Anything else will require direct dev involvement to even install since they've not been compiled into an installer.

QFE Team -
QFEs (hotfixes) are tightly controlled, but Support analysts can readily gain access to them by emailing this alias and requesting the hotfix for testing.

This is the location of non-published updates.

Tier 1 Analyst Guide



Lab Manager Policy

Required Lab Manager Naming Schemes
Employee example: 6007i765123
Contractor example: senti765123

ArcZone Links
Time Card

Free Training

Employee Handbook

New Employee Guide

Non-Esri Software

Commercial StreetMaps

Third Party Software (SAP)

Unix Versions of Software

Large Data Storage

Crashing and Crash Dump analysis page.

ESRI Yum Repository
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The ESRI Linux Yum repository is hosted on: Yummie Linux Image Server

The ESRI Linux Yum mrepo site is: MREPO Yum repository

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Location of Linux ISO files
Linux ISO files are hosted internally on the ESRI network. Yummie Linux Image Server

Setting up Yum Repository to be used on the ESRI network

The Yellow dog Updater Modified (YUM) is a package management application for computers running Linux operating systems. Yum easily allows you to install, delete, and update packages on your Linux box.

ESRI Yum Repository

Setting up your Yum Repository

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