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What is the meaning of S_insert_logfile_data_table_by_id() USER Transaction Logfile INSERT - No Commit on Insert?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


If a user performs a selection in ArcGIS that creates a log file in a transaction, two warning messages are written to the ArcSDE error log:

"S_insert_logfile_data_table_by_id() USER Transaction Logfile Insert - No Commit on Insert"

"S_delete_logfile_data_table_by_id() USER Transaction Logfile Delete - No Commit on Delete"

The above warnings indicate a session created a log file and inserted or deleted the contents of the log file in a transaction.

For example, if a non-versioned edit session is started with ArcGIS and a selection is performed with greater than 100 objects, the warning messages are written to the ArcSDE error log. The rows written to the log file data table are not committed until the user or application performs a commit.

If the application performing the operation rolls back the database transaction, the inserts or deletes from the log file data table are also rolled back.

The messages in the ArcSDE error log warn the administrator that a user has logged a selection in a transaction. The selection set can be lost if the transaction is rolled back because the selection was performed in a transaction.

If these warnings cause a concern to the ArcGIS or ArcSDE administrators, review the workflow and determine the need to create or remove selections during a user transaction.

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