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What is the difference between the safeViewerHTML bundled with the DDE setup and the FME_ArcIMS\safeViewerHTML that is used to integrate ArcIMS?


The safeViewerHTML directory that is bundled with the out-of-the-box DDE distribution contains Web files designed to support DDE in its stand-alone form, prior to being integrated with ArcIMS. This stand-alone form is temporary and used as a departure point from which to apply the integration only. The Web pages include links to index map pages, GIF output pages, and main menus that are not used in the integrated form.

The safeViewerHTML directory that is applied during the DDE integration
with ArcIMS in form of the FME_ArcIMS virtual directory contains files designed to work in the integrated environment. The content of this directory represents the final, active form of the Web pages. Web pages in this directory do not contain any links to index files, GIF output files, or main menus since the
latter are not used in the integrated form.

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