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What is keymanager?


Keymanager is the command line registration utility available for ArcIMS on supported UNIX and Linux platforms. It provides the ability to register ArcIMS software and extensions.

Keymanager can be accessed via the command prompt and is located in:


To open keymanager, change directory to the $AIMSHOME/tools directory and enter keymanager.

% cd $AIMSHOME/tools
% keymanager

The following usage information will be returned:

ESRI keymanager Administration Utility Mon Jan 01 12:00:00 2004


keymanager -o list

keymanager -o add -f <feature_name> -v <version> -r <Registration_number> -t <timeout> -k <license_key>

keymanager -o addfile -f <feature_name> -v <version> -r <Registration_number | ANY> -a <attachment>

keymanager -o remove -f <feature_name> -v <version> -r <Registration_number> -t <timeout>

keymanager -o validate -f <feature_name> -v <version> -r <Registration_number> -t <timeout> -k <license_key>

keymanager -o test -f <feature_name> -v <version>

Usage Explanation

-o list: Provides a list of all copy-protected software that has been authorized on the machine, including feature Name, Version number, Registration number, Timeout date, and License Key number.

-o add: Adds an individual new feature to the authorization file.

-o addfile: Adds an individual new feature or a group of new features to the authorization file.

-o remove: Removes an existing feature from the authorization file.

-o validate: Verifies the authenticity of the authorization file and also informs keymanager that authorization information has been changed or new authorization information has been added.

-o test: Verifies that the authorization file was entered correctly and is recognized by keymanager.

-f <feature_name>: The software feature name. For example, arcimsserver is the Copy Protection feature name for ArcIMS.

-v <version>: The version number of the software, in this case 9.

-r <Registration_number | ANY>: The Registration number for the software. The 'ANY' option uses the first matched feature name ignoring the Registration number.

-t <timeout>: The date the software times out. The software will not timeout if the date of 01-jan-00 is returned. 01-jan-00 is the default date for permanent authorization files.

-k <license_key>: The encrypted code that is used to authorize the software on the computer.

-a <attachment>: Imports the requested feature from an Authorization file that was sent via e-mail.

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