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What does 'logging' allow?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


If logging is enabled, the requests that the Add-on generates and sends to WMS servers are printed to the corresponding log file:

- When clicking Get List, a GetCapabilities request is sent to the server, these requests are printed to the GetCapabilities.log file.

- When clicking Add Data, a GetMap request is sent to the server, so these requests get printed to the GetMap.log file.
GetMap requests are also sent and logged every time you navigate a map that has a WMS layer in it.

- When identifying features from a WMS layer, a GetFeatureInfo request is sent to the server, these request are printed to the GetFeatureInfo.log file.

- If problems occur with a particular WMS server or layer, a troubleshooting technique is to copy these requests into a Web browser. All requests to WMS servers return data in either xml, html, or plain text format, so the response that comes back can be displayed directly in the browser. Each request is time-stamped, and new requests are appended to the end of the log files.

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