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What are valid cases for license appeal?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


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Valid Cases
Customer has de-authorized/returned all unused ArcGIS Products but cannot authorize further.
Customer is unable to de-authorize/return an ArcGIS Product that is not in use.
Customer is unable to de-authorize/return due to lack of available de-authorizations.
Customer is unable to authorize the product manually (enter license numbers into Software Authorization Wizard.)
Customer has exhausted all repairs on the product (forced to delete Trusted Storage & re-authorize.)
Customer has formatted their hard drive without de-authorizing/returning their product first.
Customer has retired a machine without de-authorizing all ArcGIS products first.
Customer’s machine was lost or stolen.
Customer lost the offline authorization (*.respc/*.resps file).
Offline authorization file received was unusable/corrupt (*.respc/*.resps file)
Customer was unable to match the (*.respc/*.resps file) with the intended machine.
Customer never received the email containing the authorization file during offline authorization.
Customer was unable to repair Trusted Storage (forced to delete and re-authorize).
ArcGIS License Administrator reports X authorizations, 0 available, and 0 licenses in use/borrowed.
Customer was unable to return a borrowed license.
Customer deleted a Virtual Machine without de-authorizing/returning.
Customer has a Virtual Machine with dynamic hardware requiring more repairs than are allowed.
Customer reported a virus damaged their system and are unable to de-authorize/repair licenses.
Customer has encountered a known bug that resulted in license losses.
Customer is unsure of what exactly happened but confirmed they have fewer authorizations in use than they’ve purchased.

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