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What are the useful logs to troubleshoot ArcGIS Monitor?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When troubleshooting in ArcGIS Monitor, logs files are helpful to identify and verify the issue. The log files can be found in the default installation directory of ArcGIS Monitor. However, they may not be generated automatically.

Alternatively, run support.bat via Windows File Explorer by navigating to the ArcGIS Monitor's installation Support folder to generate the log files. If the UI is inaccessible, follow the workaround below.

To generate the log files:

  1. Run the Windows Command Prompt with administrator privileges.
  2. Use cd to change the directory to the ArcGIS Monitor's installation Support folder. For example:
cd C:\ArcGIS Monitor\Support\
  1. Type support.bat and press Enter to generate the log files.
Image of the command prompt
  1. Once the process is complete, open File Explorer and navigate to the Support folder.
  2. In the Support folder, the log files for the ArcGIS Monitor service are located in a folder with a 10-digit prefix. For example, Support_1234567890.

Depending on the issue, refer to the following sections for information on the different log file types.

ArcGIS Monitor Administrator Folder
This folder contains the log files generated for the ArcGIS Monitor service. The log files are generated in a .txt file format for ease of access. By default, the directory for this folder is located at:

C:\ArcGIS Monitor\Support\Support_1234567890\Administrator
Image of the Administrator folder

ArcGIS Monitor Server

This folder contains multiple log files that are generated depending on the issue. The main log file is ReportServerLog and is commonly located at:

C:\ArcGIS Monitor\Support\Support_1234567890\Server

Other log files that may be generated include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • ReportServerLog
  • alerts monitor
  • cache
  • cacheLogEntry
  • email
  • index
Image of the server folder

MongoDB Database

The log files for any MongoDB Database related issue can be found at:

C:\ArcGIS Monitor\Support\Support_1234567890\Mongodb
Image of the MongoDB folder

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