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What are the reasons for a geodatabase upgrade to fail at ArcGIS 10.0?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


There are several reasons why the upgrade of a geodatabase may fail; these are all related to data issues. These data issues can either be corrected or the offending dataset/item can be deleted from the geodatabase.

Error messages: One of the following error messages is returned:
▪ "Cannot get default subtype."
▪ "The feature class' default subtype code cannot be retrieved or is invalid"
Reason for the errors: The feature class has a malformed subtype.
Solution: Either remove the subtype field, or add or set a subtype code and description and set them as the default subtype.

Error message: "Relationship class is missing origin or destination feature class."
Reason for the error: Either the source or destination class is missing from the relationship class.
Solution: If the relationship class is still needed, delete and re-create the relationship class once the missing class has been re-created. Otherwise, delete the relationship class.

Error messages: One of the following errors is returned:
▪ "NE_DUPLICATE_PROPERTY Network property already exists."
▪ "NE_UNDEFINED_PROPERTY Network property is not defined."
▪ "NE_MISSING_PROPERTY Network property is missing."
Reason for the errors: The underlying logical network tables for the geometric network are invalid.
Solution: Run the sdegdbrepair utility or delete the geometric network.

Error message: "Domain is corrupt ([Name of domain]). Error(Check Datasets): Error(Check Datasets): The name of an entry in the CodedValueDomain is empty. [domain name: [Name of domain]]."
Reason for the error: There is a malformed coded value domain, which is a domain that contains a code that is missing its description.
Solution: Remove or correct the indicated domain. NIM063593 is fixed in ArcGIS 10.0 SP2 and results in an error being raised during upgrade identifying the malformed domain.

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