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What are the options to share a hosted feature layer published in ArcGIS Enterprise to ArcGIS Online?

Last Published: April 22, 2022


A hosted feature layer is created when a user publishes a feature layer to ArcGIS Enterprise from ArcGIS Pro or from files in the portal. The following describes methods to share the layer published in ArcGIS Enterprise to ArcGIS Online.

Share the hosted feature layer through distributed collaboration

Users can extend the reach of their GIS content by seamlessly sharing maps, apps, layers, and more with other organizations through distributed collaboration. One of the various benefits of setting up a distributed collaboration between the participating organizations includes exposing ArcGIS Enterprise content to the public through ArcGIS Online. Refer to Portal for ArcGIS: Set up an ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online collaboration for instructions and more information.

There is no single pattern to set up a distributed collaboration. For more information on the different patterns within a distributed collaboration involving ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online, or a combination of the two, refer to the scenarios in Portal for ArcGIS: Example use cases.

Share the hosted feature layer using ArcGIS Server Manager

Users can share the hosted feature layer they own as a web service with their ArcGIS organization using ArcGIS Server Manager. The service can be shared during or after publishing, and they can also configure how the service is shared. Refer to ArcGIS Server: Share a service with your ArcGIS organization using Server Manager for more information on publishing and sharing in ArcGIS Server Manager.

When an item is added to an ArcGIS Server site and is shared publicly, the item can be added to ArcGIS Online and be used in Map Viewer using the REST endpoint URL or through the service's item details page. Refer to ArcGIS Developer: Hosted feature layers for more information.

Copy the content from Portal for ArcGIS to ArcGIS Online

A feature layer hosted in Portal for ArcGIS can be copied to ArcGIS Online using ArcGIS API for Python or ArcGIS Online Assistant.

ArcGIS Online Assistant is not supported by Esri Support Services. Esri cannot guarantee accurate results following incorrect use of the product.

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