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What are the limitations for Direct Connect with ArcIMS?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


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Direct connect will work properly in the windows environment if the instructions in the appendix of the ArcIMS Installation Guide are followed. However, certain limits need to be defined and clarifications need to be made.

The ArcSDE team is working to resolve these issues and plans the fixes for a patch.

· Direct connect does not work under UNIX: An ArcIMS Spatial Server in the UNIX environment will not support direct connect. When a MapService with a map configuration file specifying a direct connect to a database is made, the following error message will be displayed by ArcIMS Administrator:
"MapService can not be created. Check your map file's layers and data source connections."

· Direct connect will work only when the ArcIMS Spatial Server is on the Windows platform: Direct connect on the Windows platform requires that all ArcIMS Services be single threaded. In order to successfully use direct connect in the Windows environment, the Image, Feature, Geocode, Query, and Extract Services must be set to a single thread on each ArcIMS Spatial Server that runs under Windows. To set the Services to one thread, in ArcIMS Administrator highlight Servers. After the list of virtual servers appears, highlight each server, click the Properties icon, set the number of instances to 1, and click OK.

· There may be difficulty in successfully creating an Oracle Net 8 client: There are two ways of creating an Oracle Net 8 client. The most common way of creating the client is to use the Network Configuration Assistant. As this wizard is run, the following question appears: “What version of Oracle database or service do you want to access?” The choices are “Oracle 8i database or service” and “Oracle8 release 8.0 or Oracle 7 database or service.” An 8i database or service is usually chosen, however when the test connection is run later in the wizard it is not unusual for the connection to fail. If the connection fails and the username and password are correct, rerun the wizard and choose “Oracle8 release 8.0 or Oracle 7 database or service.”

· There may be difficulty with SQL Server database instance support: The ArcXML examples in the Direct Connect appendix are often from Oracle. In some cases when using SQL Server, the syntax for the instance is slightly different. For example, for a SQL Server database with an instance named esri, the following is correct:
<SDEWORKSPACE name="sde_ws-0" server="esri"
instance="sde:sqlserver:esri" database="" user="world"
encrypted="false" password="world" geoindexdir="C:\TEMP\" />

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