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What are the different ways ArcMap can make service layers transparent?


Transparency can be set for ArcIMS Image Service, ArcIMS ArcMap Service and ArcGIS Map Service layers. The transparency options include:

- Making the entire service layer transparent
This will make all features in all the service sub-layers equally transparent.

- Making the the background of the service layer transparent
This will make the background color of the service layer transparent.

- Making a single color within the layer transparent
This will make the color transparent.

Since these service layers are images, all service sub-layer features underneath the transparent color will also be transparent, regardless of their color.

For ArcIMS service layers Option 1 is done using the Effects tool bar while Option 2 and Option 3 are done in the Advanced Tab of the Layer Properties dialog. For ArcGIS Map service layers all three can be done in the Advanced Tab.

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