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What are some reasons that might cause a user to get signed out of Collector for ArcGIS when working in a disconnected environment?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


For workflows that involve working in disconnected environments for several weeks or months before obtaining another network connection, any map that has been downloaded needs to remain accessible by Fieldworker.

However, depending on the type of organization, there are certain conditions where a user gets automatically signed out:

  • When signing in to ArcGIS Online or an on-premises ArcGIS Enterprise deployment utilizing OAuth as the method of authentication (which includes SAML and built-in), users are required to sign back in to their organization if working in a disconnected environment for more than 90 days without having any connectivity to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise throughout that time.
  • When signing in to an on-premises ArcGIS Enterprise deployment utilizing web-tier authentication (which includes IWA and PKI), users are required to sign back in to their organization in the event their enterprise passwords expire or change within their Active Directory.
If working with Collector Classic during these periods of extended offline use, Esri recommends enabling Airplane Mode while out in a disconnected environment, after the maps have been downloaded. This helps prevent the app from trying to connect to the internet in the event it detects one, which might require the user to sign back in to the organization. If working with an external GNSS receiver, disable Wi-Fi/Cellular connectivity settings as opposed to enabling Airplane Mode, as it might affect the Bluetooth connection.

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