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What are procedures for Server licensing (V 10 - 10.1)?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


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Server Products licensing is very simple. All licenses are governed by "ECP#s" (ECP123456789) for example. They are not tied in any way to the host machine, can be copied and duplicated. This does not mean it is legal to do so, but for testing and troubleshooting, there is nothing that technically impedes copy/paste/transfer/clone/etc. of any ECP file.

The design of the licensing model is designed to convey a different perspective however, as it does start with a Provisioning File downloaded from the Esri Customer Care Portal. Using these Provisioning Files will in fact decrement license counts with each authorization process, which is by design. However once you have an ECP file (server.ecp) you have the golden key that can be copied across any number of servers and authorize them without any transactions to Esri.

Keycodes Path
The "keycodes" file which is a plain-text file containing the licenses used by ArcGIS Server, ArcIMS, and other "ECP" products can be found here:

C:\Program Files\ESRI\License 10.0\sysgen\keycodes

Offline Authorization
The quickest and most guaranteed method of providing an offline authorization for ArcGIS Server is to use the ArcIMS/ArcSDE authorization form:

ArcSDE Offline Authorization Form.
This doesn't say ArcGIS Server, but ignore that, fill out the form, provide the ECP# for ArcGIS Server, select the ArcSDE radio button, click Submit. You'll get a <Server>.ecp you can use and distribute to customers that need this. Again this is the quickest, most efficent method of resolving these issues.

Spatial Data Server (10.1)
Known Issues
SDS for IIS can't be Licensed (NIM071616)
The licenses issued to Beta 1 users for SDS on IIS will fail to authorize the product because the software cannot process a license that has a single digit expiration date (ie. 9.1.11). Instead the attached license file should be used to authorize the software: File:SDS IIS101 Beta1 Fix.ecp
Beta Community Post Regarding NIM071616{A68B8129-7B9C-4062-A4B6-89DAB61F16E5}

Article ID:000011440

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