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What are procedures for ArcGIS Desktop licensing (V 10-10-1)?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


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License Manager
License Manager is a server-like solution that hosts ArcGIS Desktop product licenses on a network to distribute licenses as needed to users, known as Concurrent Use.
License Manager 10.x
License Borrowing
License Manager Administration Guide - Keep this handy

Trusted Storage
With the 10.x release of ArcGIS, came a much more robust and secure licensing model that requires a single communication between Esri and the system being licensed. This one-time-only communication is an exchange of low-level machine identifying information (hardware specific) which yields a "fullfillment" record which is a marriage of machine ID value with license. The result is a unique license that can only exist and function on the machine for which it was intended.

The trusted storage is a secured, encrypted database which holds authorizations for ArcGIS Desktop products. Trusted Storage is used with the following products:

ArcGIS 10.x

ArcGIS License Manager
ArcGIS Desktop
ArcGIS Engine

Trusted Storage Location
Windows XP & 2003 Server C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FLEXnet

Windows Vista, 2008 Server & 7 C:\Program Data\FlexNet

Unix/Linux /usr/local/share/macrovision/storage

[edit] Deleting Trusted Storage
Never Delete Trusted Storage! Doing so destroys all licenses on the system with no hope of recovery!
Stop the following services (Start > Run > services.msc):
ArcGIS License Manager
FLEXnet Licensing Service
Delete the folder at the Trusted Storage Location above.
Start the following services (Start > Run > services.msc):
ArcGIS License Manager
FLEXnet Licensing Service

Authorization / De-authorization
[edit] Offline Authorization
The following whitepaper covers Offline Authorization options for organizations:

ArcGIS 10 Offline Licensing
Offline Deauthorization
1. Within ArcGIS Administrator > Click De-authorize and choose the email/upload method.

2. This generates a deauthorize.txt file.

3. Upload the deauthorize.txt file to

IMPORTANT: The instant the deauthorize.txt file is created, the specified licenses are removed from the Trusted Storage on the system. If you fail to upload the resulting deauthorize.txt file, your license balance will not be restored!!!

If deauthorization upload fails, attach to NIM060415. File appeal with Customer Service to get licenses restored.
4. Successful deauthorization will return a *.respc/*.resps file which should be applied to the originating system that created the deauthorize.txt file. Failure to apply this file will require the trusted storage to be deleted if the same license is applied to the system again (otherwise the *.resps/*.respc file can be discarded).

[edit] Debugging Authorization Traffic
If at any point an authorization fails, both Offline & Online perform the following:

Click "Operation Elements"
Change the "Start Date" to a time in the past (prior to the date/time the authorizationw was attempted)
Within the "Auth #" enter enter the EFL# (Concurrent Use), ECP# (Server), EVA# (Evaluation), or ESU# (Single Use).
Under "Status" select "Failed"
Click "Filter Ops"
The failures will display with various error messages that can be reviewed.


Known Issues
[edit] Special Characters
If an authorize.txt file cannot be uploaded, check to see if an unencoded "&" character exists and remove it.

Bad Authorize.txt file:

Good Authorize.txt file:


Trial Licenses
Any ArcGIS Desktop core authorization comes with an on-demand 60 day trial of the following licenses:

3D Analyst
Spatial Analyst
Network Analyst
Data Interoperability
Geostatistical Analyst
Tracking Analyst
Business Analyst
Business Analyst Premium
These trials can be accessed by running the Software Authorization Wizard at any time. The trials do not start until a specific trial license has been selected and authorized.

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