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What are known issues with non-local/roaming user profiles?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


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ArcGIS Desktop performance degrades significantly when roaming profiles are used. This is not an ArcGIS specific issue but a known problem with all efforts to remotely host user profiles and user data. Each organization must carefully consider the pros and cons of supporting non-local user profiles and user data and determine the best path for their needs and their infrastructure capabilities.
Esri does not take an official stance regarding support of Non-Local/Roaming User Profiles. However, since such configurations are not part of the standard sanity testing process they are not officially certified. The expectation (and the proven fact is) that Non-Default/Roaming profiles do function with ArcGIS, provided Microsoft best practices are followed (

In the event that an ArcGIS problem is reported which involves or relates to a Non-Local/Roaming User Profile, Esri Support may request the organization test the behavior with a local profile. If the local profile does not exhibit the problem found with the Non-Local/Roaming profile, Esri Support will advise the organization to pursue one of the following solutions:

Seek assistance from their IT staff to resolve the problem
Use Local profiles
Pursue a consultation through Esri Professional Services - Implementation Services

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