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Is there a Usage tab in ArcGIS Enterprise?

Last Published: January 11, 2023


No, the Usage tab functionality is currently only available in ArcGIS Online. The Usage tab of the item details page provides information regarding item interactions, including the average number of views, requests, and downloads of an item per day.

Alternatively, ArcGIS Enterprise does allow accessing certain item interaction details through the reports in Portal for ArcGIS and the Statistics tab in ArcGIS Server Manager.

Depending on the type of data required, use one of the workarounds described below.

Use the content report in Portal for ArcGIS

In Portal for ArcGIS, use the content report through the Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS app to view the item interaction details within a reporting period. Refer to Portal for ArcGIS: Work with usage reports to view the content report.

Create an item report in Portal for ArcGIS

In Portal for ArcGIS, create an item report to download the item interaction details as a CSV file for further analysis. Refer to Portal for ArcGIS: Create and schedule reports for instructions.

Use the Statistics tab in ArcGIS Server Manager

In ArcGIS Server Manager, use the Statistics tab to create and view statistics reports of items available in ArcGIS Enterprise. Refer to ArcGIS Server: Work with server statistics for more information.

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