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Is the Identify tool available in ArcGIS Pro?

Last Published: July 21, 2023


By default, there is no Identify tool in ArcGIS Pro. The default tool for maps and scenes in ArcGIS Pro is the Explore tool, which is used to move, pan, and identify feature attributes via a pop-up. Refer to ArcGIS Pro: Explore maps and scenes for more information.

In addition, if another tool is active, selected, or measuring, holding down the 'C' key temporarily activates the Explore tool to easily pan, zoom, or identify, without having to change the tool. However at present, a box to identify features with the Explore tool cannot be drawn.

It is also possible to configure a pop-up that returns all the top visible and selectable layers by clicking the drop-down in the Explore command. This method works to return multiple features in multiple layers. The pop-up experience in ArcGIS Pro is designed to be similar to other applications on the platform, including ArcGIS Online Map Viewer, where a single click with the navigate tool displays a pop-up. Pop-ups can be configured for each layer to manage the number of fields displayed, show hyperlinks, embed images, and add graphs.

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