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Is it possible to run a report on overlaps between polygons in Business Analyst Web App?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


It is not possible to run a report on overlaps between polygons at the click of a button. The Add Sites option under the Run Reports tab allows users to add multiple individual polygons, but not run a report on the overlaps.

To run a report on the overlaps, follow the steps described below:

  1. In Business Analyst Web App, open the project with the overlapping polygons.
  2. In the current project pane, select the polygons to display on the map.

    The image below shows two polygons, Trade Area A and Trade Area B, and where a portion of the polygons overlaps.

Two polygons with an overlap
  1. Define the overlap by drawing a polygon to enclose the overlapping area.

    The image below shows the new polygon of the overlap area. The overlap polygon is named Overlap area, which can be found under the My Polygons layer.

This is the overlap area
  1. Click the ellipsis icon of the overlap polygon and select Run reports.
Click Run reports
  1. In the Run Reports tab, select the report(s) to run. Click Run All.
Select reports to run

The downloaded reports are available in the REPORTS section of the Home tab.

All the reports downloaded

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