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Is it possible to remove an operational layer from the Layers list in ArcGIS Dashboards?

Last Published: August 3, 2021


No. In ArcGIS Dashboards, it is not possible to configure the Layers list to remove an operational layer. The Layers list displays all operational layers on web maps added to dashboards. When viewing a dashboard, the layer visibility of an operational layer can only be turned on or off by clicking the eye symbol on the list. This map interaction does not change the layers in the dashboard, and upon refreshing, each operational layer displays according to the default layer visibility set in the web map.

The Layers list, symbolized by a stack icon, is located at the upper-right corner of a web map in ArcGIS Dashboards. Click the eye symbol to switch on or off the visibility of an operational layer in the dashboard.

To remove an operational layer from the Layers list in ArcGIS Dashboards, remove the layer from the web map.

  1. Open the web map in Map Viewer.
  2. Remove the layer from the web map using the workflow described in ArcGIS Online: Manage and organize layers. In the example depicted in the images above and below, the Burn Areas layer is removed.
  3. In ArcGIS Dashboards, refresh the dashboard. The removed operational layer is no longer on the Layers list.
The Layers list in ArcGIS Dashboards displays the layers of the web map added to the dashboard. The Burn Areas layer is not on the list after the layer is removed from the web map.

Alternatively, to remove a layer in ArcGIS Dashboards while keeping it in a web map, create a web app using ArcGIS Web AppBuilder and configure the Layer List widget in the web app. For instructions on how to select layers to display on the list in web apps, refer to ArcGIS Web AppBuilder: Configure the Layer List widget.

Configure the Layer List widget in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder to choose which layers to display in the list of the web app by checking or unchecking the boxes in the 'Choose which layers will be shown on the list' section.

Use the following steps to add a web app to a dashboard as embedded content using the web app URL.

  1. Copy the URL of the web app.
    1. On the web app item details page, under URL, click the Copy The icon symbolizing the copy feature. icon.
Copy the URL of the web app by clicking the Copy icon on the right side of the box.
  1. Embed the web app in the dashboard.
    1. On the dashboard item details page, click Edit Dashboard.
    2. Click Add The plus icon symbolizing the add feature., and select Embedded content from the drop-down list.
The embedded content option is listed at the bottom of the dashboard element drop-down list.
  1. Under Data options, in the URL field, paste the web map URL.
On the configuration page for the embedded content, in the Data options section, paste the copied URL in the box provided in the URL field to embed the web app in the dashboard.
  1. Click Done at the bottom-right of the configuration page.
  2. Click Save. The web app is now embedded in the dashboard.

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