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Is it possible to only enable expansion for specific elements in ArcGIS Dashboards?

Last Published: January 4, 2022


No. In ArcGIS Dashboards, it is not possible to enable or disable expansion for specific dashboard elements. The 'Allow element expansion' option is applied to all dashboard elements. Follow the steps below to change the 'Allow element expansion' option in a dashboard.

  1. In ArcGIS Dashboards, in the dashboard layout, click Settings on the toolbar.
Access the dashboard's settings by clicking the Settings icon on the vertical toolbar located on the left side of the dashboard layout. The icon is the second icon from the top.
  1. On the Dashboard settings page, click the General tab.
  2. On the General tab, under General, turn the Allow element expansion toggle on or off as desired. In this example, the toggle button is turned on.
  3. Click Done. The dashboard elements can be expanded.
Access the Allow element expansion setting by navigating to the General tab (step 2), and turning on or off the toggle for Allow element expansion as desired (step 3). Click Done to save the changes (step 4).
Click the expand button located on the upper-right corner of a dashboard element to expand the element. The same button can be clicked again to close the expansion.

A dashboard can be also be customized by moving, resizing, tabbing, and grouping the dashboard elements. Refer to ArcGIS Dashboards: Dashboard layout for more information.

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