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Is it possible to delete a tile package connected to a dependent hosted tile service?

Last Published: September 13, 2023


No, it is not possible to delete a tile package that is connected to a dependent hosted tile service. The latest ArcGIS Online update implemented a delete protection to tile packages which have dependent hosted tile services. This is to protect fully functional tile services, as a hosted tile service for which tile package is deleted cannot be updated or taken offline. Hence, attempts to delete a tile package that has dependent hosted tile service returns the error:
This item cannot be deleted until these dependent layers are deleted.
Although deleting a tile package which has a dependent hosted tile service is not recommended, in some scenarios, users may choose to delete the tile packages to save storage credit usage. A workaround involves deleting multiple items concurrently as the ArcGIS Online dependency delete protection does not check for dependency when multiple items are selected and deleted.
  1. In ArcGIS Online, navigate to My Content , create a new web map, and click Save.
The web map created for this step is a temporary web map to facilitate deleting the dependent tile package. For more information on how to create a web map, refer to ArcGIS Help: Get started with maps.
  1. Select the tile package to delete, along with the web map created in Step 1.
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  1. Delete both items.

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