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Is it possible to create multiple addresses within a parcel in Address Data Management?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Address Data Management does not allow associating multiple addresses within a single parcel. The fundamental design of the Address Data Management configuration is that every address is a unique point. This increases the ability to improve address locators and overall data quality. However, this causes issues with vehicle routing problem analysis and address locators for apartments or office buildings that have multiple units within a parcel.

As a workaround, create individual points for each address or unit to have multiple addresses within a parcel. For example, if Parcel 1205 has a building with 10 units with different addresses, an individual point must be created for each unit. To record the vertical range of each unit, record them in the attribute table.

The image below shows one unit address within a parcel with its attributes. To record another address within the same parcel, create another point and fill in the attributes. Refer to Creating a point feature by clicking the map for steps to create new point features for each address.

An image of the address point with the attribute table.

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