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How do I create contour lines in Site Scan Manager for ArcGIS ?

Last Published: August 3, 2021


Site Scan Manager enables the user to create contour files representing elevation, without the need for third-party software. These files can be exported in .dxf or .shp format.

Contour files are automatically generated after the flight is processed, and Site Scan uses the DTM (Digital Terrain Model) to create these lines. To ensure the contour files are generated to desired intervals, modify the default value in the project’s Output Settings, as follows:

  1. Click the Project tab, and select the project.
  2. On the Project view, click Output Settings.
Modify default value in Output Settings

The interval value can also be modified directly, after the files are created, on the flight’s 2D view.

  1. Click the Save button after modifying the settings. The new files take a few minutes to generate.
Contour lines take a few minutes to generate

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  • Site Scan Manager for ArcGIS

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